Ed’s results in the GB Championships
Senior National Championships : Overall Men’s winner  & Overall (Victor Ludurum) winner
2nd in Super G
4th in Downhill
4th in Slalom
2nd in Giant Slalom
Junior National Championships : Overall Junior winner (joint with Owen Vinter)
3rd in Super G
3rd in Downhill
1st in Slalom
1st in Giant Slalom
DAY 6, Sunday 3rd April 2022
SLALOM National Junior Championships race : 1st GB (with a spectacularly good second run !)
DAY 5, Saturday 2nd April 2022
GIANT SLALOM National Junior Championships race : 1st GB
DAY 4 , Friday 1st April 2022
ED crowned BRITISH OVERALL MEN’S CHAMPION & he won the VICTOR LUDORUM (overall GB Champion)
SLALOM National Championships Race : 4th GB (not his best skiing)
His consistency over the 4 NC races (2nd in super g, 4th in Downhill, 2nd in Giant slalom and 4th in slalom) means that he won, not only the overall combined men’s but also the Victor Ludorum (overall GB champion).
DAY 4, Thursday 31st March 2022
GIANT SLALOM National Championships Race : 3rd GB
Ed was seeded 40 in the race, 8th British.
Terrible weather – snow/sleet/low cloud.
He skied well in the first run, finishing 18th, 3rd GB.
He skied pretty well in the first run – but many came out due to the conditions, so it was really a question of getting down.
He finished 19th overall and …. 2nd GB.
The GB winner was Charlie Raposo, the World Cup GB Giant Slalom skier.
DAY 3, Tuesday 29th March 2022
DOWNHILL National Championships Race : 4th GB
Ed chose bib 1 (to limit the waiting time at the top !!). He skied well and came 4th GB (9th overall) in the National champs race. He was 2nd U21. The winning GB (Roy-Alexander Steudle) is an U30 racer, Owen Vinter came a good second and Ed was overtaken by a young (2004) super speedy Max Laugland.
DOWNHILL National Junior Championships Race : 3rd GB
Ed came 3rd GB (2nd U21 and 7th overall ). In actual fact he was 4th GB, but it was Roy who won again, and as it was a junior race, his GB position doesn’t count !!
In this race Ed skied really well and was only 0.02 seconds behind Max !!! (in the first race he was 0.62 behind).
Not bad for a slalomer with no training !

DAY 2, Monday 28th March 2022
Downhill training runs
First run : DSQ
Second run: 7th overall, 4th Brit

DAY 1, Sunday 27th March 2022 

2 Super G races

Super G National Championships race : 2nd GB

Super G Junior National Championships race : 3rd GB